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Let us introduce ourselves.

About VOOS

About the Company – Let us introduce ourselves.

Allow yourself to relax naturally – that’s VOOS! Our team is looking to inspire as many people as possible for the profound healing effects of hemp. For more than five years on the market, the Voos belonging to Swiss Kiss family has been on it’s “A” game every day to push CBD industry standards to new heights in the long term! We have won the trust of many clients. We have assembled a team of professionals who provide an unrivaled reputation for our products in the market. Being number-one is crucial for us but bringing maximum benefit to the people who trust us is our primary mission.

Our plants

We own hemp plantations based in Switzerland. The gentle sun enables better growth of more safe cannabis that is low in THC ( less than 1%). What is more, we carry out a full investigation of the raw material in our labs, and we can guarantee the delivery of high-quality hemp straight from our plantations. We ensure a full production cycle from the selection process to the ready-made goods to our clients. Our team of chemists, biologists, and technologists has specialist expertise in controlling each CBD research stage in our labs and plants. Apart from that, all products go through our unique testing procedure in our labs and our partners’ labs. Everything we sell is certified, legal, safe, and eco-friendly. Our premium CBD products enable our valuable customers to achieve perfect inner harmony despite numerous viruses that cause diseases and stress. Leveraging our useful CBD products, they can enjoy an oasis of serenity in which they can immerse themselves very quickly. Apart from that, our products are complete with lab certifications to back up the quality of our seeds, strains, and consistency. Our process of growing cannabis excludes pesticides and GMOs. Therefore, our products are beneficial both for our clients and for nature.